Premiere of Shannon Amen

Premiere of Shannon Amen

Created: 28 Sep 2019 

It was an honour for to full crew to meet up and celebrate all the work that was involved in creating Shannon Amen. “I felt this was a moment to

FNC Festival du nouveau cinéma

Created: 19 Oct 2019 

Chris Dainty attended the FNC Festival du Cinéma “Attending this festival was a really fantastic and as a festival I’d highly recommend it. They had some fantastic films and the

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Created: 19 May 2019 

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Chris Dainty interview with Porter Airlines

Created: 19 Feb 2018 

Chris Dainty had the opportunity to be featured in Porter Airlines flight magazine and blog. Visitors come from around the world to watch as mesmerizing creations are formed from simple

iOS app launched at Rock Rocks Amphitheatre

Created: 17 Nov 2012 

The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado hosted the launch to the highly successful new app by Listener Kids. Chris and Jennifer headed to meet the hole Listener Kids team, and